CHINESE GLASS SCULPTURES AND TUNG LO PAINTINGSKwun Tong Office and Warehouse Space 16 Apr 2018
Kwun Tong real estate news in Hong Kong - Office, commercial, industrial and warehouse properties:-

Kwun Tong Commercial Properties (Sales)

Kwun Tong Industrial Properties (Sales)

Kwun Tong Commercial Properties / Offices (Rental)

Kwun Tong Industrial Properties (Rental)

Lee Chun Properties Hong Kong - Kwun Tong Specialist

It is with great pleasure that we bring to you these interesting Kwun Tong properties. Stay Tuned!
Wanchai Residential / Flats for Sale 16 March 2018
Wanchai is the allure of this month and being featured are some special sales listings that deserve a mention:-

Wanchai Flat for Sale with view of Fireworks

J Residence Apartment for Sale in Wanchai

Wanchai Property - A good investment flat for around HK$5m

One of the Few Flats for under HK$5 Million in Wanchai

Wanchai Flat / Apartment flat buy - ready to go

Wanchai Thomson Road - Residential Sales

Splendour Property Hong Kong

Wanchai Residential Properties (Sales)

Wanchai Residential Properties (Rental)

Wanchai is ultimately the location that offers commercial opportunities, recreational activities and a lot of history. For those who have only a few days in Hong Kong, Wanchai is definitely a spot that you must visit. Here is a list of events in Hong Kong. Events in Hong Kong / Wanchai.

The old pawn shop which has a history of over 100 years is a good place to visit for tea after you have had a good walk around; in it you can suffuse yourself with atmosphere of how things used to be.
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