CRACKER CRACKER 3rd December 2014 - 31st January 2015
In celebration of the festive season, The Cat Street Gallery presents CRACKER!
This group show by our talented artists, is a showcase of brilliant works with wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts.
With over 20 local and international artists, the selection of works is endless.
Artists include Mila Furstova, Peter Ross, James Gordon, Gavin Mitchell, Jessica Wohl, Eric Niebuhr, Barbara
Wildenboer, Ah To, Vanessa Wong, Sam Leach and many more.
ANTOINETTE WYSOCKIPOP-UP 25th September - 2nd December 2014
Wysocki, a native New Yorker, returns to Hong Kong for her second show with The Cat Street Gallery Annex, highlighting her extraordinary form of expressionist painting with works like: Warm Impermanence and DisOriental.
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