Day Shift
7th - 18th March 2012

The Cat Street Gallery is delighted to present ‘Day Shift’, a pop up exhibition by Hong Kong-based American photographer, Denice Hough.

As her first solo show, this exhibition brings together Hough’s latest series of works, which took her to Mainland China. There she explored the juxtaposition between the vast overcrowding of its first tier cities and the surplus of new mega-constructions that are built and shortly thereafter, left abandoned.

Having studied architecture for a short time and now a full time photographer, Hough creates mesmerizing images of architectural environments, and through her lens, captures the chilling atmosphere and desolation of one of China’s most overdeveloped cities.

Born in Northwest Indiana, a stone’s throw from Chicago, Denice Hough went to Columbia College Chicago where she studied photography. After graduating she moved out west, then a few years later to New York. She assisted many amazing photographers in the advertising industry. After 9 years of assisting she decided to leave New York and travel to discover her own vision in photography. She traveled to Central America, Africa, and Europe. She then moved to South Korea for a year. She currently resides and works in Hong Kong.

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