French painter Katarina Monnier creates harmonious abstract compositions that explore the emotive power of colour to maximum effect. Monnier often divides the picture plane into sections with horizontal bands of colour, balanced by vertical textural effect, giving an underlying geometric framework to the composition. Within these divides, Monnier uses harmonic or complementary colours as prescribed by Old Master paintings. In the past, her work has evoked the varying moods of natural landscapes in different weather or at different seasons of the year.

In her series of paintings entitled “Renaissance” vivid hues seem to float and shimmer across the canvases. Inspiration for these luminous compositions has come not from modern art, but somewhat surprisingly from a period of art history dating back 500 years. What interests Monnier about these artists is less the subject matter of their paintings, more the way they used colour to reflect their emotions towards a given theme.

Attracted as she is to the art of both the northern and southern Renaissance in Europe, Monnier is also drawn toward the East and Buddhist philosophy. Her art expresses her belief in the quest for “Yasuragi”, the Japanese term signifying the harmony of all elements in nature. This perhaps explains the deeply spiritual approach she adopts when painting. Patiently building up layer upon layer of colour, she creates intensely luminous, meditative paintings that have a universal appeal.

Monnier studied at the Sorbonne, Paris and has lived and worked in several countries including Morocco, Sweden, Brazil, Sri Lanka and France. She has had several solo shows in these countries and been exhibited in a host of international group shows.

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